Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Philadelphia: Day 2.

Moving right along, here's Wednesday:


This ad cracked me up

South Street

Essene Market. I went here in search of vegan shoes. They had three pair, all white, and none in my size. It was a sweet little market though.

Lured into a bookstore by Frida Kahlo. She was $75, unfortunately. I did spag some Dorothy Parker and Patti Smith, tho.

Antiquarian's Delight. I know I posted photos of it once before. I've always loved this place.

This is why I never get to the basement anymore -- because they're only open on Saturdays and Sundays! This trip I stuck around so I could visit the basement on Saturday.

Wooden Shoe Books. I used to hang out here all the time when I lived in Philly (albeit in a different incarnation; The Shoe has relocated twice since I lived in Philly).

I thought this building was really beautiful.

I ♥ I. Goldberg.

OMG! 8 ft. tall bowling pin!

Max & David's

mb and jb

Vegetarian Mezze Plate


Sweet & Sour Balti Tofu

mb had the Grilled Chicken Sicilian (I think).

jb had the M&D Signature Ribeye

Oops! I accidentally switched to the video setting.

Willie likes to hide under the rug.

mb and Alex
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