Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Philadelphia: Day 1.

So while I'm getting my laundry done, I thought I'd start uploading pictures from my week:

I wanted to be sure I had current pictures of the cats on my phone before I left.

Muchi was not happy that I was leaving him.

Halfway there.

As soon as I hit Philly, traffic stopped cold.

Having dinner at Kingdom of Vegetarians. Look for many of these pictures on koshertraveler in the very near future.

The remains of a scallion pancake

"Shrimp" with cashews

Vegetable Lo Mein

Hopefully aaronbenedict's pictures will be more in focus than mine are.

I could find no excuse to photograph her from the front, but her T-shirt said "Bondage: No pain, no gain."

I need to start getting ready for work now, but hopefully I'll post pictures from Wednesday when I get home tonight.
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