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Holy cats am I overdue for updating pictures. Let's get to it:

Taken for Ape at the Pittsburgh Airport

There are a lot of pictures of aaronbenedict and I eating. This is because we were trying to take pictures for our koshertraveler project.

aaronbenedict rented a Mini Cooper. It was like riding in a clown car.

90 points, baby! And in honor of my 90 point word, aaronbenedict taught me how to take a screencap on an iPhone.

With my favorite pillow, Tino

Dad's birthday


Big bruise from when I walked into a ledge at work

Love this picture

Gayle after surgery, 1994

Gayle's eyeball

I finally figured out how to save that picture of _aqualung_: screencap!

Donation box for the China Palace delivery driver who got shot

Trying on dresses

Jesus money

Look closely at the drivers seat

Apparently some (I hope) little kid thought the soaps would be prettier if they were all mixed up

As seen during therapy. This squirrel graciously sat and waited for me while I got my phone ready and snapped its picture.

Mark and Catherine trying to control the spread of dog poop

Showing my Mom the screencap function

I loved Alex's note, but it does bug me that he said "your amazing." It would be bad form to give him his note back with corrected syntax, right?

I went to Monroeville Mall today and it was just such an odd experience. First there was the really creepy giant bunny ...

... and then there were the zombies ...

If only they'd had this shirt in ANY size other than small.

And then finally, REALLY BIG goldfish

Pittsburghese at quietstormpgh

And that's it. Look for more pictures as we head to Philly on Tuesday.
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