Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Violence against anyone? SO not funny.

Oh heebmagazine. Sometimes you guys are great. Most of the time you guys just try too hard to be hip and obstinate. And then there are those times that you really piss me off.

Like this. It's a post about some douchebag on YouTube who's made some Grand Theft Auto-style videos of dudes beating up Hassids. Schmaltzythecat, the post's author, says "This sort of media is hardly offensive, IMHO. I love a GTAIV assbeating as much as the next gamer. The only thing that does bother me about these vids, however, is that they’re too damn long."

Hate yourself much?

Because you've in essence just said that watching people get beaten up for being like you is no big whoop. Yes, I know that you don't identify with the Hassidim, but I'll let you in on a secret: the people who want to beat up Jews don't give a fuck. They want to beat up Adam Sandler as much as they want to beat up Matisyahu. They don't give a crap how observant you are (or aren't); they believe that Jew = subhuman and that includes you.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Grand Theft Auto (I know you're surprised). The only way it's possible to play the game is to check all your human empathy at the door. It teaches people (read: boys) that women are disposable sex objects and that theft and murder are fun. The fact that everyone isn't horrified by the game baffles me as much as the fact that parents think that having their kids watch Daffy Duck get murdered over and over again is a good idea.

The fact that this dude is spending his free time making YouTube videos about beating Jews up should be cause for alarm. These are the very YouTube videos that will be excerpted on the news when this guy really does cause someone physical harm. They ARE NOT harmless and they are DEFINITELY not funny.
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