Hopita (hopita) wrote,

January 2010.

I've been lazy about uploading these. Since I appear to be snowed in, there's no time like the present:

Exhausted, at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, at around 5 am, January 15, 2010.

Breakfast. Egg and cheese, no meat. :)

Getting ready to board

Back home in Pittsburgh

Me and Monkeybaby, walking through the Airport

Toto, I have a funny feeling we're not in California anymore


Kitty love

I love this picture of Bitsy

The Mark Perry-ing continues

Muchi, being adorable

A tomato I grew

A fortune aaronbenedict got while he was in Boston


Kosher goodies at Crazy Mocha in Squirrel Hill

A cookie that's as big as my head!


n0thingman, fixing my iTunes

Dan's desk

I love this picture of Me and Tiny.

Mmmm... bagel

My Xanadu tickets!!!

Me & The Turner Dairy cow

Subway platform, Brooklyn

Muchi watching the snow

Shirley Temple!

Thriftique, baby!

... where I found a copy of Star Trek: The Game

Numbered and everything. Sadly, when I checked eBay, they were selling for about half of what I paid for it. Oh well.

And then I bought eggs

Next up -- February!
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