Hopita (hopita) wrote,

My Week In Pictures, Volume 4.

I think this was my first time staying in a hotel that supplied its guests with bathrobes. I loved it. :)

Mmmm... Satsuma.

Once I was done packing, I decided to veg out in the hotel room for a little while. I watched TV. The Cosby Show was on.

It was the yellow shirt episode. Classic.

Refrigerator dress


The view of our room from my side of the bed

The trippy hallway carpet

I really loved these tables/benches/objets d'art

OMG! Giant Vitamin Water!

Another day, another vegan lunch. Back at Good Karma.

The Tech

Star Trek: The Exhibition

They had a penny machine!!!

You weren't allowed to take pictures inside the exhibition, so that they could sell you the professional shots they took. Totally worth it.

You have to look really closely, but I'm there, on the transporter pad.

Plumed Serpent

I touched the tongue.

Hotel Montgomery. I really liked this hotel.

Dinner at The Kitchen Table with aaronbenedict, Peter, and the rest of the folks from Kerio.

Geeking out. When Peter gave me his Words With Friends user name, I misheard "PKrugs" as "PPubes." Oops.


Saying goodbye at SFO

At my gate, alone, exhausted, missing aaronbenedict, and dreading my night spent in the air.

Next up: Friday morning at the Dallas airport and my return to Pittsburgh and snow.
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