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My Week In Pictures, Volume 3.

Waiting for the bus in San Jose

Woman feeding the birds at the Fremont BART station

This is an ad you wouldn't see in Pittsburgh for about six different reasons...

... which is a shame because a Punjabi MBA sounds hot. :)

I took this photo for aaronbenedict, because I was trying to describe the turnstiles to him. This is the 16th and Mission BART station.

Good Vibrations. I took aaronbenedict there to check out The Antique Vibrator Museum.

Little Otsu. Google said it was a vegan shoe store. Google lied. :(

On the bus to Sausalito

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

This is the dock where Scott lives (with our shadows)


Low tide

Scott's address plate

I can see our shadows again. :)

The view from Scott's deck

Theo. Theo is in love with Scott. He follows him around on the dock. It's very cute.

It's hard to see. but Theo also has a soul patch on his chin, just like Scott. :)

I thought this houseboat looked like the shoe from "The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe." Apparently it's actually called "The Owl." I can see that too.

We took a walk along the dock

Theo's dog friends

"The Train Wreck" is (partially) made from an old railway car

Theo, following Scott

Scott's houseboat. When the tide comes in, the ramp to the door will tilt up instead of down.

Holy 1970's graffiti, Batman!

San Francisco off in the distance

The Golden Gate Bridge is in the background.


The San Francisco Bay Bridge

A baby dump site. Here is a statement from Bastard Nation about why legalized child abandonment (AKA "Baby Dump" Laws) is a sucktastic idea.

I'd never seen the word "pippic" before. "Pupik," sure, but never "pippic."

I loved the way Absinthe looked with all the headlights rushing by.

Oh, this day. I left the hotel at 10 am and didn't make it to Sausalito until 2:15. How I thought I was going to make it to Palo Alto by the time aaronbenedict was done with work, I have no idea. To make a long story short, by the time he was done with work, I was just making it back to San Francisco from Sausalito. I knew he didn't want to have to drive to the city again, but he volunteered to come and retrieve me, for which I was indescribably grateful. He told me to find a coffee shop and park myself there, and the coffee shop I found was Tartine Cafe Francais. I got a cookie with many colored sprinkles on it, and sat outside at one of the sidewalk tables, watching the locals and enjoying the evening. San Francisco moment: While sitting there, two teenage girls skipped past me, singing "The Age of Aquarius" at the top of their lungs.

Since it was clear that aaronbenedict and I were not going to be able to make it to Palo Alto by the time Izzy's closed, I figured I'd use the time waiting for him to find us another place to eat (thank you, magic iPhone). The restaurant I found was Amba in Oakland, which turned out to be awesome. I'm not much of a fan of falafel joints, but this place was super yummy. I love happy accidents!

Mmmm... falafel.

And they had Spring!

Next up: My day in San Jose, hanging out at The Tech.
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