Hopita (hopita) wrote,

My Week In Pictures, Volume 2.

Our gigantic hotel room

Monkeybaby in the background

They were rewallpapering the hotel. I came outside this morning and discovered that the brass number plate for our hotel room had been replaced by the room number, scrawled on the wall in pencil.


Walking by Good Karma on my way to the bus stop.

Waiting for the bus

On the bus


Oakland Coliseum

Arriving in San Francisco

Rainbow Grocery

OMG Bulk Herbs

The cheese counter


Marvin and anarqueso

The herb lady at Rainbow, whose name I've already forgotten. She has her very own backstock area, which I covet like whoa.

Loved all the signage in the supplement department

But I especially loved the out of stock signs. "Out of stock at company" ...

Just generally "Out of stock" ...

"Discontinued by company." My life would be so much easier if we had something like this in place at EEFC.

Oh, the beautiful, beautiful signs ...

Literature not just crammed onto the shelves ...

Still more signs. "Special order only"

Bulk condoms. My heart skipped a beat. :)

Bulk henna. This place literally has everything.

An entire aisle of nothing but soap.

I just really liked the name "Sconehenge."

The naked corn orgy

Formaldehyde and anarqueso, dancing


Why, yes -- that is a vulture over the Customer Service desk.

anarqueso and the Box Corral

Table made out of recycled materials. anarqueso said that when they ordered it, they didn't realize they were ordering art. :)

The scandalous mural in the back. Apparently this artist was not given any guidelines as to what to create. Surprise!

Apparently there's another banana inside somewhere

The sign cracked me up, though I'd be hard pressed to explain why.

The San Francisco Armory, now the home of Kink.com. I love San Francisco. :)

Another day, another vegan restaurant. Lunch at Herbivore.

Including virgin mojitos

And the biggest burrito ever

Giant brain at Modern Times Book Store.

The Store at 826 Valencia. It's somewhat indescribable.

There's a pirate theme.

Moustache mirrors

Radio Habana Social Club

I heart Horace Mann

anarqueso's awesome, awesome library

anarqueso and Formaldehyde

Turtle flirting

Yet another vegan restaurant, Shangri la

aaronbenedict, in stereo

Scallion pancake

Tofu balls

aaronbenedict had never been to Palace of Fine Arts before

While we were out they upgraded our room number from pencil on the wall to printout on a sheet of paper.

Next up: Scott and Sausalito and a day spent almost entirely in transit.
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