Hopita (hopita) wrote,

So dig this: I'm sitting at Quiet Storm, hanging out with Lynette, and this chick walks in, dreadlocks, orders coffee, and what do I notice, but that she's wearing an Antioch sweatshirt. I'm wearing my Antioch sweatshirt too, so I go over and ask her did she go to Antioch. She did, and, in true Antiochian form, she dropped out after her first year (I told her dropping out within the first year was the true Antiochian thing to do). She's dirtypisces, she's on LiveJournal (ha!) and we exchanged all sorts of contact info. Geez, but I meet the most interesting people when I wear this shirt.

But here's the REALLY strange part:

New Years Eve 2003 I was at a party on Mt. Washington, and there was a guy that I spent a lot of time talking to out on the porch, in part because we were both smokers, but largely because his name (Micah? Mica?) and face we so damn familiar. When I meet this Antioch chick tonight she started mentioning other Antioch people who are in town and she mentioned a man named Micah ... I asked if he was gay and she said yes ... it SO has to be the same guy -- I must've met him on campus at reunion in the summer of 2002. How strange is that?
Tags: antioch, small world

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