Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Sure signs of the Apocalypse.

When The New York Post gets it right, you know the end must be nigh.

While every other news source seems to be reporting that Brittany Murphy died of "natural causes," The New York Post actually posted an article that pretty much sums up my own personal assessment of the situation: she was scary thin, whether from drugs or anorexia or both, and while her death was by no means happy news, I wasn't exactly surprised to read about it either. To paraphrase Clueless director Amy Heckerling, 32-year-olds don't die of "natural causes."

I liked Brittany Murphy in Girl, Interrupted (playing, ironically, a girl with an eating disorder). But the last time I saw her on TV (Letterman? Craig Ferguson?) she looked emaciated, and she acted nuts. Saturday Night Live even poked fun at her when she recently got fired from a film (The Caller) for her "bizarre on-set behavior", but pulled the sketch from the internet following her death.

So why does it seem like The New York Post is the only paper stating the obvious here?
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