Hopita (hopita) wrote,

December Photo Dump.

It's cold and it's snowy and I don't want to get out of my pajamas, much less venture outside. So instead I'll give you a bunch of December photos. These probably won't be all of them, but it's at least a greatest hits album.

Trying on new glasses

LOVE this picture. :)

Sleeping in the fort

Jew cookie

Blue balls!


New pajamas

The first snow of the year, a few weekends ago. It wasn't sticking, though.

My new favorite picture of _aqualung_ ever. I think this one even trumps the high school 'fro pictures.


cheychey79: The bagel drive-thru is closed!

n0thingman at the board retreat


Getting pizza while the Steelers were getting beaten by ... Baltimore? Who even remembers anymore. :(

Frida mints: FOUND!

For anarqueso, with love.

I've been sleeping in this T-shirt again.

Photographic proof that our customers are slobs ...

... and our staff members can be slobs too.


Mmmm... cheese.

I'm thinking this was the day the Steelers got beaten by (oh! the horror!) Cleveland.

The giant menorah at the Squirrel Hill Giant Eagle

For some random reason, last week when I had dinner with my Mom, I ordered a Shirley Temple.

And then she and I ended up ordering the same dinner (except hers was made with chicken and mine was made with soy protein).

First night of Hanuka

I tried to go see Donora at Brillobox, but it was sold out. I snapped this picture of Childrens Hospital while walking back to my car.

M-m-m-my menorahs

Mmmm... Mineo's

The picture of aaronbenedict is back on the end table again.

More fun signs at The Co-op

The last night of Hanuka

... and it started to SNOW!

All snuggled in and not going anywhere

"... the candles are burning low ..."

Full pike

Good morning Pittsburgh!

Tonight is The Co-op's annual Winterfest party. I've never missed one, but I think it's going to take me a good, long while to motivate to get bundled up and trudge out there. Brrrrr...
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