Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Big Jewish Slacker.

Hey all. I'm a big Jewish Slacker.

I've totally procrastinated organizing this year's Traditional Jewish Christmas Celebration, and now I've got slightly less than a week to get it together. So who's in?

We usually hit Squirrel Hill, since it sports *both* Chinese restaurants *and* movie theaters. It sounds like there are a bunch of good movie choices this year: Avatar, Nine, Sherlock Holmes, Up In The Air, Invictus ... anyone have a preference?

We usually do a mid-afternoon movie (somewhere in the 2 - 4 pm range) and then wander over to New Dumpling House Chinese to stand in line and wait for greasy Chinese food.

So lemme know: Who's up for a Traditional Jewish Christmas Celebration?
Tags: christmas, eating, events, jew, links, movies

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