Hopita (hopita) wrote,

First World Problems.

I went to EHouse today and bought a pair of shoes. What I really wanted was to replace my tattering black vegan Earth Solar shoes, ideally with either a red or a brown pair. Long story short: it looks like brown has been discontinued and red may have never existed at all (or at least not in the vegan version).

I was also frustrated because EHouse is the one place that I know of where I can drop off batteries for recycling, and of course I totally forgot to bring my dead batteries with me.

And as I was thinking about this, I realized wow -- I sure do have some first world problems, don't I? They don't have the fancy schmancy shoes in the color that I want and oh noes I forgot my recycling, so wah -- I guess I'll just have to buy this other pair of fancy schmancy vegan shoes. Oh woe is me.

And speaking of shoes, these weren't even vegan, but holy wow were they gorgeous:

And for $235.00, they should be. It just proves I have good taste, as my mother would say (those were at Little's, BTW. EHouse doesn't carry leather shoes).
Tags: me, mom, pictures, recycling, shoes, stuff, vegan

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