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This morning as I was leaving for work, I found the mail waiting inside the front door. There was an odd envelope mixed in there, addressed just to our street address with no name or apartment number (the building I live in is a three flat), and with the neighborhood name written between our street address and the name of our city.

I initially thought to leave it for the upstairs neighbors, but I wasn't sure if it was for them, or for me, or for Jeff, who doesn't even really live here anymore. I held it up to the light to see if I could gain any clues but I could not, and, as I was running out the door, I arbitrated and left it in our landlady's mailbox (she lives just up the block), figuring since she owned the building, it should be on her to open it.

And then I went to work and forgot all about it. Until five minutes ago.

I come home and Danielle calls down the stairs to me. She wants to know if I got anything creepy in the mail today. I remember that envelope and say "Now that you mention it ..." Then Danielle tells me that apparently everyone on our block received one, and that there is apparently someone who is stalking our entire block. These letters were apparently creepy as fuck and filled with weird personal information -- one woman who had been hospitalized received a letter speaking about her hospitalization, for example.

I told her that I'd left it in Catherine's mailbox and she and Alex have gone to retrieve it now. I'm really curious to hear what it says. Were they spying on me? Danielle? Alex? Jeff? All of us? Creeptastic.
Tags: catherine, creepiness, danielle, jeff, mail, neighbors, polish hill, wtf

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