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Birthday Day pictures (and then some).

It's Hell Week at work (the week of Thanksgiving is brutal in the grocery business). I'm fairly brain dead and expect that that will be the case until Thursday, but I wanted to at least get off my butt and post my pictures from Saturday day:

As I explained on Saturday, Mad Mex gave us the old bait and switch by not honoring my birthday entrée coupon because it was Saturday, but n0thingman and I still had a nice lunch together.

Mmmm... non-vegan burrito...

The birthday girl

The definitely not vegan ice cream burrito

Failed attempt at getting a picture of the two of us together

A much better attempt

To the Apple Store, to pick up aaronbenedict's birthday present to me. Oooh... shiny...

Then to the AT&T Store, where a very funny and surly man (a good combo!) got all (well, most) of my saved data onto my new phone. He started to offer to move my photos from my old phone to my new phone, until he realized that my old phone didn't have a camera. Quote of the day: "Wow, that's quite an upgrade."

n0thingman, showing me how to set up BlueTooth

Buying and applying screen protectors

Dad, not believing that "that thing" takes pictures

I couldn't take any pictures during "The Beatles," so I took a picture of Heinz Hall as everyone filed out after the show.

Volunteering at The Co-op for MEDD Day meant that I got to see n0thingman three days in a row. That never happens anymore!

Trying to get a picture of the moon as I arrived home after work

MEDD Day Aftermath: Empty shelves, items in the wrong places ...



Nov. 24th, 2009 05:59 am (UTC)
I remember "Hell Week" when I worked for a grocery store. I hope you survive it.

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