Hopita (hopita) wrote,

iGot an iPhone.

I'm updating from The Apple Store in Shadyside. Did I make a post from The South Hills Village store when aaronbenedict was in town giving his presentation there? Nope. I just checked my archive and I did not.

n0thingman and I have just purchased an iPhone, along with some -- but not all -- of the bells and whistles. aaronbenedict said he saw an iPhone cover that made him think of me and my Avril Lavigne gloves. I'm pretty sure I saw it here, although I ended up with a different one -- one that's more like my AIM user icon.

n0thingman and I tried to use my Mad Mex free birthday entree coupon today, but we discovered after the fact that the offer is not valid on Saturdays. I am highly displeased about this fact.

Now n0thingman is browsing laptops, and then we're going to head down to the AT&T store for more technical assistance.
Tags: aaronbenedict, birthdays, links, orange mike, phone, presents
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