Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Party Pictures and other fun things.

I'm getting dressed and ready to go iPhone shopping and Mad Mex eating with n0thingman, but I thought I'd throw a few pictures your way:

At The Co-op we keep Himalayan rock salt crystal lamps on all of the cash registers to protect the cashiers from radiation. Two days ago, Leo tried to move his lamp and it exploded, burning him and melting his register.

Jason made a sign

Birthday girl

Birthday boy

It isn't a party until Fran gets there.

sillylilboi meets the co-operators

The joys of the modern age

My favorite picture of Joseph ever.

Incidentally, shortly after n0thingman and I arrived at the Free Ride party, we ran into unixd0rk, who was heading home. For the second time in as many weeks, unixd0rk and I saw each other, acknowledged each other, and had a calm, casual conversation. It's official: Hell has frozen over. In all seriousness though, the cessation of hostilities really is an awesome birthday present.
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