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I've received my very first birthday present and card, both from aaronbenedict. I actually got them on Monday, but somehow managed to slack on posting about them.

He didn't exactly send me an iPhone; he actually sent me a gift card to The Apple Store so I could get an iPhone. Which I didn't realize when I saw the card in my mailbox, and so I sent him a playful text, referencing this Sex And The City scene (the first scene in that clip), saying "wow, that iphone packs up nice." He didn't realize that I hadn't actually opened the card, and called me in a panic, thinking I was mad that he'd sent a gift card instead of an actual phone. I hadn't opened the card yet, so I had no clue. We had a good laugh once I clarified that I was channeling Carrie Bradshaw purely for my own amusement.

Then he started telling me how The Apple Store would try to "upsell" me on all sorts of stuff that I didn't need, so, rather than go running off to The Apple Store by myself, I've made a date to go there with n0thingman on my birthday (which is Saturday -- is it effed up if I spend aaronbenedict's gift card on Shabbos?). n0thingman and I intend to kill two birds with one stone and will also be making use of my free birthday entrée coupon from Mad Mex either immediately before or immediately afterward.

It's funny -- part of why I always loved Mad Mex was because they offered vegan sour cream and vegan cheese there. Now I'm all dairified again. I still love Mad Mex, tho.
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