Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Pictures of dresses, The Board, and a pig.

Well *this* will be a very random assortment of pictures.

With roller skates!

Getting ready to go upstairs for the board meeting

Board members arriving

Me (wearing the harlequin dress)

Wearing the Chinese flower dress (more on that later)

Because aaronbenedict had never seen it, I tried to get a decent picture of the Chinese flower dress

What is UP with my facial expression?

Look! You can see my butt in the mirror!

Daisy and Johnna's legs

Daisy and my foot

aaronbenedict and I had a lengthy discussion today about whether it was Kosher for Jews to hang out with pigs. Not eat dead ones; just hang out with live ones. I don't think we resolved the hanging out aspect, although he believes that it wouldn't be Kosher for a Jew to profit from pigs, even if they weren't being killed and eaten. I'm not sure I agree, but I don't think he was 100% certain either.

Johnna and Daisy

Daisy loves apples

Bedtime for Daisy

Moments after this picture was taken, this little kitten fell off of my shoulder and onto his head. He was totally fine but I felt like the biggest jerk ever.

Leo consoling gravity kitty

The only way to get a picture of them all together (and diabetic kitty is only halfway in the frame)

Blake on his royal perch

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