Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Massive (Celebrity!) Photo Dump.

Good morning cats and kittens. aaronbenedict is on his way to Philadelphia right now (yes, I am sad to not be joining him) which means that I have nothing to do during the time that I usually spend talking to him. So ta da! -- I will finally be uploading all of those pictures from Saturday:

I need to make one of the pictures of the Tania Squirrel into a user icon

Steve and Terry (Stephanie had vanished somewhere)

The line. I think my old friend Yoko saved me from not being able to get in. See, they closed the line at 3:00, but, as I was walking up, Yoko saw me and called out, and we stood around and talked for a few minutes. I suspect that the guard thought I was joining friends already in line and thus didn't tell me (like I witnessed him tell so many other people) that the line was closed and I'd have to come back tomorrow.

The little fountain along the side of the WQED building


The Mr. Rogers Dinosaur

I love love LOVE this picture

How can you help but love this man?

Mr. McFeely!!!

Oh, the crowds

The floor. It was just a replica of the original.

A scrim/butterfly of clouds

Not the original trolley. The original was larger.

The one "set" from The Neighborhood of Make Believe which I have zero recollection of

But I *definitely* remember Henrietta Pussycat and X The Owl!

Daniel's Clock. Also not the original.

I love this picture.

Mr. McFeely!!!

A slice of the original floor

Sad to say goodbye

I don't know why, but this shorthand version of "conditioner" just really amused me.

"Ask-It Basket." I asked where the neighborhood would be going next.

Me & Mr. McFeely!!!

I arrived too early for the concert, so I was sent downstairs to the cafeteria. I passed by these guys along the way.

... and took my picture with them. :)

Jill Sobule: The most popular girl in the room

Jill Sobule & Me

Textile graffiti, one of my favorite urban phenomena

? (I'm so bad with names) and lurpy

Jerry and lurpy

No clue what lurpy was doing then

Victoria and sillylilboi

lurpy attacking Jerry with toy spiders

The moon

Close up

sillylilboi's giant sucker fish

I started this post at 11:21 am.

It's now 10:35 pm and I'm finally done. Phew!
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