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So I went to the Mike Brown 40th birthday memorial wake type thingy at Gooski's tonight. And even though I don't drink or smoke, it was still good to talk with Mike's friends and hear the old stories and just generally be around people who knew and loved him too.

We stayed in the back room, where the pool and ping pong tables are. Toward the end of the night, a very large man named Thurme came back there to shoot some pool. Thurme apparently took a liking to me and, when Ramon stepped away, he stood there and talked my ear off for a good long while. I was pleasant but not encouraging and, when I saw other folks grabbing their coats and whatnot, I saw my chance and made for the door.

I said goodnight to Michele, J.D. and Ramon and headed outside. I was in the scary little darkened walkway beside the building when Thurme came after me. No, he didn't assault me; he just wanted to ask what I liked to do. What do I like to do? I like to not be chased by large strangers down darkened alleyways. He said "What do you like to do?" and I said "Right now, I'd like to go home." And then I took the fuck off before he had the chance to stop being confused and start being mad.

Hooray for not being assaulted, but dude: You are a GIGANTIC man who I just met. On what planet is it OK to chase after me down a darkened passageway?

So now I'm just gonna sit here and wait for my adrenaline to stop pumping. Holy fucking crap.
Tags: alcohol, birthdays, death, fear, gooski's, h.w.s.r.n., ramon, smoking

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