Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Co-op Bowling

The Co-op front enders went bowling tonight. I took pictures. Ridiculous pictures.

Sprout in motion



Sprout and the ling-o-lantern

Jenny & Lingo

Rob the pumpkin

Co-op bowling at Arsenal Lanes

Rob and JoRo. JoRo is a ringer. He was offered a bowling scholarship to college.


Blurry Angela

Jamie, Johnna, Jen, eric, Allisyn & Kevin

JoRo, Ape, Erica, Rob & Nico

JoRo, Mary Beth, Angela, Rob, Nico & Ape. Much less blurry when I use a flash. :)

But I do so love ambient light. Sprout, Jamie, Leo & Jen.

Flash again. Kevin, JoRo, Nico & Joe.

I was wearing my Halloween-y tights with the little rubber spiders up the back. I totally forgot I even owned these.

Halloween tights and bowling shoes.

Rob managed to go home without his shoes. So drunken Sprout and drunken Allisyn had a little fun with them.

And that was my day. The end.
Tags: allisyn, angela, ape, bowling, clothes, eefc, eric, erica, halloween, jamie, jenny, johnna, joro, kevin, leo the virgo, lingo, nico, pictures, produce, rob baran, spiders, sprout

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