Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Pictures from tonight's party.

Wow. I was so excited to finally get to see the inside of the old Emma Kaufmann Clinic building. I've been intrigued by that building for years. Let's get right to the pictures:

You guys know I'm a fan of ambient light

On the dancefloor. This space was a gymnasium at one point, and a social hall in later years (when Immaculate Heart of Mary owned the building). I'm not sure what they're doing with the room now, but it was definitely a work in progress.

That's Bru. She and her husband own the building.

Me, Bru and ... Georgia?

Me and Pam the painter

Ever since Chicago, I've had a love for round windows. Mmmmm... circles ...

Bru and Ben. I love this picture.

I was trying to get a picture of the "Emma Kaufmann Clinic" sign. It's hard to see at night, though.

Me, as Frida, once again.

Of all the random things, it turns out that Bru used to be an herb volunteer at The Co-op. I'm trying to talk her into coming back, since we've just lost our best volunteer, papilio_luna.
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