Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Photo Dump & Last Minute Halloween Plans

I've been meaning to upload pictures all week long. Obviously, shit happened and kind of derailed me. So before tonight ...

The first penis of the day, and it's "Creepy Penis Grind"

Penis #2 and Penis #3 -- Double Penis!



Frida mints, toothpicks and Scrabble

Leo the Virgo


Grand Prize 2009 Front End Pumpkin Carving Contest



Lingo, Leo and Maggie

The pumpkins from the pumpkin carving contest. The one on the right bears an uncanny resemblance to our General Manager. JoRo lurks in the background.

An old, old EEFC poster

Julie left me a smiley face made out of supplement bottles

Holy crap -- I look like a giant pumpkin.


New outline drawn on

This is "Traffic Cone Dress," BTW. I think you can all understand why.

Clenched fingers. I really like this picture.

furious_mold. She took most of the tattoo pictures, BTW.

I was having issues with the backlighting from the window

No window. Much better.

The finished product

Getting bandaged up. "I can't dress myself!"

On the way back to my car, furious_mold and I ran into We Can't All Be. He was very shiny. He hadn't heard about Mike Brown yet either.

Today I went here, for this, not having seen the updated post that the event had been canceled. They said they're having a party tonight, though, so I may end up going. I'd always wanted to see the inside of that building -- it's an old Emma Kaufmann Clinic (from the days when The Hill District and Polish Hill were all just "The Hill," and were filled with Jewish immigrants, like Oscar Levant). Folks who know me know I have a thing for buildings that are ghosts of Jewish history.

At any rate, they invited me to their party tonight, said they'd be having a DJ, and said I should bring friends. furious_mold -- you should totally come!
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