Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Pictures From Tonight, Plus Cats N'at.

Judy, Jason and Julie at The Co-op table

n0thingman, Kara and Sarah

Kara and Sarah

Q and Torey

RobOShep and Judy

The vegetarian strudel

The vegan entrée (with my groovy new water bottle in the background)

The Channel 4 News guy

The Just Harvest banner

Raj Patel speechifying

Raj Patel being given the George Becker Memorial Award

Q accepts the Seed of Justice Award on behalf of The East End Food Co-op

I love the way you can see the faces reflected in the "Omni William Penn Hotel" plaque on the podium

n0thingman getting his book signed by Raj Patel

I loved the detail on the awning outside the hotel

Isn't that gorgeous?

And that's it. Off to climb into the tub and get back to my new favorite book.
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