Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Tattoos, Speeches, and Sprout.

OK, so, who wants to see what my day looked like?

Well, first, here's a video of Sprout being athletic:

And as for today:

Bitsy and her boyfriend, Tino



A stencil that I noticed as I walked across the Bloomfield Bridge

The "Before" shot

There are lots of boob shots from today. It's the dress.

The first of my "tattoo faces." they get progressively more "grimace-y" as the afternoon goes on.

Oh yea. This is getting annoying.

I like that I can see myself holding up the camera in the mirror.

Oh yea. There's a happy face.

The one on the left has been filled in; the one on the right only has some outline done. See the difference?

The finished product (at least for now). I like how the facial expressions turned out. I think the one on the left looks nervous while the one on the right looks like it's smiling for the camera.


Freaky frog statues I encountered on my walk home

n0thingman introduces Ricky to a small child

His wedding band, he has informed me, "is very scratch resistant."

BFunk. He didn't get elected, but may still end up on the board (long story).

The vegan cake, made by Deanna.

Seeing Rob in an earring just really blew my mind.

BFunk pointed out to me that somebody went through and hand labeled all of the candies that contained dairy. How awesome is that?

Looking more closely, I can absolutely see that this is eric's handwriting. I'm making a mental note to tell him he's awesome the next time I see him.

lilostitch, Ricky and n0thingman

Ricky likes to dance

The room had phenomenal light fixtures

lilostitch and Ricky

RobOShep, one of our outgoing board members. I'm a big fan.

A very blurry picture of our General Manager

Yes, I went home with a pirate flag. In my hair. You knew I would.

Is that a giant Pirates bat in your pocket, or ...

n0thingman giving The Treasurer's Report. "The Treasurer's Report" always makes me think of this. In a really good way.

Preparing to cut the cake. I think I got the "o" in "to."

I stared at this cougar all evening long. She's mesmerizing.

The costumed pirates: RobOShep, Torey and n0thingman

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