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Antioch 2009: Day 5

Took me long enough!

But now that I have high speed internet access, I want to get these pictures up for you guys. So without further delay, here's Antioch 2009: Day 5:

Gathering at Main Building for the dedication of the "Nonstop Antioch" plaque


Tim and Brian

The Nonstop crew

chryssfs and her boyfriend, coffee

Her other husband, Michael. :)

Jill at King's Yard

caelidh and Jill

Jill, Anna and Colin. How much do I love that Colin travels with a frisbee?

Chapter leaders meeting

OK, this is really hard to see, but it's of historical significance. I was looking at the dry erase board and I realized that the last time it had been used was for a brainstorming session to name what ultimately became called The Nonstop Institute of Yellow Springs. One of the choices I can read says "M-M School." I'm assuming that the two Ms are for Mann and Morgan.

Duffy standing in front of said board

Dennie getting ready to take the 70s/80s/90s group photo

The group, from my vantage point

Jill F.

Jill and Jill

Images from Scott's exhibit about Main Building. See the towers in the background?

This one was my favorite. It's Kelly Hall, under renovation.

Don't worry -- I'll give you a close up:


Jill and Ed

Casselli looking fancy


Penny and friends

Lisa and Travis

Lisa won one of my favorite items in the auction: a print of "The Muses," a painting that hung in ... the dining hall? The C-Shop? I forget which, but it's both beautiful and historic -- two of my favorite things.

Travis and m00nshadow at dinner

Colin and Ozz

The Photo Booth

Me, taking a picture of myself while having my picture taken

Searching "Sex and the College Girl" for Antioch-related entries (we found one)



Full moon over Main Building

Nonstop Institute

Moon over Nonstop

The Alternative Library

Those who knew Joe Cali will appreciate the reference

Alternative Library barcode

Another Joe Cali reference

Co-operators looking at this picture will understand why I kept thinking I saw Rob Baran all weekend long

This document is phenomenal when you see what it is and how long ago it was written:

Collage featuring the Main Building flood

CG coffee table

One of the yellow chairs

And that's it for Day 5. Hopefully I'll find the time to finish the Antioch uploads tomorrow.
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