Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Antioch Reunion 2009: Day 4 , Part 2

Phew! There's wifi in the tent. On to the rest of yesterday:

The arrival of Colin :)



Dinner under the big tent


Matthew Derr, speechifying

Getting ready for the big moment outside

The live auction

Coming to collect our silent auction items -- April, caelidh and planetjupiter

caelidh won an owl; I won an elephant.

I kept trying to take her picture but she kept moving

caelidh also won another item in the auction, which she game to me as a present: Sex and the College Girl by Gael Greene (although with this cover). Dramatic readings ensued.

Margo and hugs

Margo won some herbs and spices

90s represent!

Do people at other schools love to dance as much as we do?

Micah won the raven

Kristine and "Scam" Lucas

The moon through the clouds

Yaay! Div!

And that's it for yesterday.

I'm off to meet caelidh and head to Ha Ha's (yes, again). More soon.
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