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Antioch 2009: Day 3

Brace yourselves: I took a lot of pictures today (and today ain't over yet). <--- written yesterday

I bought a new ring last night at Import House. I tried to get a decent picture of it this morning but I kinda feel like I failed.

I also got a pair of hamsa earrings at Ohio Silver. I love hamsas to begin with, but something about these made me think of Frida Kahlo's favorite pair of hand earrings

Speaking of hamsas, can anyone tell me what this one means? My friend Tuvi gave it to me about a million years ago. I know the letters are "Tsmarcad," but I don't know what they mean. aaronbenedict was supposed to ask someone for me but, well, yea.


Antioch University -- Boo! Hiss!

The Photo House

We always used the back door

Peering in through the door

South Hall

Library graffiti. I took lots of pictures of the graffiti on the basement study desks. It was like an archaeological find -- cave drawings of a sort.

Random large hole in the ceiling

Such perfect library graffiti

It was Scott Sanders who originally pointed these out to me. They marked one of the smoking/no smoking lines back when there were still smoking areas inside the library. People were still allowed to smoke in there as recently as my first year of college.

The ashtray is still there too.

I apologize that this one is so hard to read, because I thought it was hilarious. The top entry begins "Angst, Beavis, Angst! Argh!.." and the lower entry responds "Bummer for you! Can I have your tuition?"

"For a more useful and efficient library"

This was the seriously anti-Gerry Bello desk

Hippie backlash

Omnivore/herbivore argument desk

Have I mentioned how much I love Antioch graffiti?

Posted for the Joe Cali reference

Ah, Weaver's


Ah, Div (ah, alcoholism)

Kelly & Elin

Kelly, Elin & David

Card catalog

Boxes of books that (I believe) Joe Cali saved from the flood

People still know this song?

Hard to see, even in close up:

"Yay for mice"

It's stuff like this that reminds me of what a great place Antioch is to be when you're heartbroken. There's understanding and respect for the depth of emotion. It's like the whole place is here to comfort you. I know I'm not describing it right, but I feel it, and always have.

demonfire. Finally!

Julia & demonfire

Scott Sanders

Kelly at lunch in the G-Spot

Margery & Mac


The woman, the legend: Penny Storm

Is that Felicia?

Mac and Duffy

Main Building

Peering through the doors

And check out the awesome new sign that Mac affixed to Main Building today!

Photo op, yo!

Userpic du jour

The big revival tent

Work Project Group Photo (Thanks, Julian!)

Casselli telling everyone what to do. :)

So then we all hauled tables

Set up for the Alumni Meeting

Kathleen putting together the floral displays

Emily's Garden

More info, for those not familiar with the story

The Art Building

The Sculpture Annex

The Amphitheater

The Antioch Theater

The Golf Course (note: not a real golf course; that's just what we called it)

Inside The Amphitheater

John or Jonathan's tree, I forget which

The spot where the memorial used to be. It succumbed to the elements about 5 years ago. if folks ever want to rebuild, or build something else on that spot, I can still direct everyone to where it was.

This is all that remains of the memorial

Giant mushrooms behind the Science Building

The Science Building

Back at The Library



demonfire, rockin' the 2009 Reunion T-shirt

Antioch Gothic

I love that sweater

Young's Jersey Dairy


Goat tongue

Goat butts

Barn cats

This one was super friendly

Work Project Banquet and they love me! Look -- vegan friendly!

April arrives

Penny gives instructions


Under the watchful eye of Coretta

And that is IT for yesterday. Time to go get ready for the chapter leaders meeting. More updates as I find the time.
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