Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Antioch 2009: Day 2

Today I rolled up my sleeves and joined the Alumni Work Project. Normally this involves a leisurely day spent loitering in Antiochiana, hanging out with Scott Sanders, but not today. Today I spent the day vacuuming the library. I did the entire first floor. Moved chairs. Got under heating registers. The works. Big fun, lemme tell ya.

But I still found time to grab some pictures ...

I think I'm digging this graphic

The Horseshoe

Corry and North


Main Building

North and Main

New userpic

Curl Gym (home of the Poole Pool)

I was attacked by wild puppies

Kelly, painting

Vitruvian A on the library floor

Sandy and Julia

Joe Cali. Don't Fall Down.

Olive Kettering

Julia, painting

The Buddha of the Card Catalog

My Seekrit Boyfriend, Scott Sanders

My *real* boyfriend for the day, the vacuum cleaner

For sabotabby and pghwob, with love. I don't think they actually meant "Wobbly," but it cracked me up.

Monkey brains!!!

Julia again

Lunch with Aaron, Kelly and Gerry at The Coretta Scott King Center (AKA The Gathering Space, AKA The G Spot)

Julian and Aaron


It was such a great image, I had to blow it up

The Library's collection of antique iMacs

Graffiti in the women's bathroom in the library. It made me stop and think about the nature of this place. I'm trying to imagine someone professing "How do I love thee?" to Pitt, and I just can't see it.

I LOVE the way this image turned out. I didn't realize at the time that I was catching the reflection of my hands and my dress, but now I'm super glad that I did.

As I walked to town with demonfire (how did I manage to not take any pictures of her? Tomorrow, I promise), I realized that this house has had these hearses since I was a student 20 years ago -- and probably longer.

Book tree at the Kennedy Library

And speaking of things that have been here 20 years or longer ...

I just liked this dress

Ha Ha Pizza

Ha Ha's menu

I was just amused by this sign.

demonfire and I weren't sure if this was going to be some sort of art installation or an actual, working phone booth.

ETA: It's art.
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