Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Killing Time in YSO.

Well, I arrived in Yellow Springs and, as per usual, the people with the keys are nowhere to be found. I've been to Ha Ha's, and now I'm at Dino's, making use of the free wifi. I've georged and now I figured I should upload my day in pictures (and video):

Leaving Pennsylvania. I think I was trying to get a shot of the cemetery where Bob is buried, since I pass by it every time I go to Ohio.

I bought those fingerless gloves during one of aaronbenedict's visits to Pittsburgh. They always made us think of Avril Lavigne. This was our favorite song of hers (yes, we had a favorite Avril Lavigne song). The reason why it was our favorite should be obvious. We liked this remix too. B-R-Double O-K-Lyn Drama.

Taking pictures while going 80 mph. Yea, that's a good idea.

When I drive I like to play the license plate game to keep from going insane. I must have chased this truck for 20 minutes at like 85 mph because I think it had a Texas license plate. I finally gave up because their plate cover made it impossible for me to see. I took this picture hoping it would provide some answers, but it does not.

Bexley Natural Market Co-operative Grocery in Bexley, OH. It was small and cute and the people there were super nice. No souvenir shopping bags, though, but I did get a sticker.

I always have to check out the bulk herb department.

Look! It's my car!

I thought the smiley-faced "Organic" was really cute

My Mom and Dad used to stay at this Holiday Inn when they would drive me to and from Antioch.

One of aaronbenedict's early gifts to me. I've boxed up most of the things he gave me but, well, not the electronics.

We're gonna get the state of Ohio to fix this sign, right? Antioch University indeed.

Downtown Yellow Springs. Blink and you'll miss it. I actually did once.

The G-Spot

West Hall & Valora Washington Square Park


New user icon


And that's my day. I started this post at 8:50 pm but apparently Dino's closes at 9:00. I wasn't expecting to be able to post again until tomorrow, but apparently the campus wifi *is* functional, so yaay!
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