Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Post Cards From The 'Och.

Hey all. I'm headed for antioch_college in the morning. If you'd like me to send you a post card, please leave a comment with your address. I've set comments to be screened, so, you know, fear not teh interwebs.

The disclaimer is that I'll promise to try my best to get to anyone and everyone, and if I don't manage to send them while I'm in Ohio, I'll at the very least send them once I get back. Hokay?

Oh, and if you're reading this on facebook, I have no idea how to screen comments there, so, uh, send me a private message or something, I guess.

Oh, yea, your names. If I don't know you IRL, it's safe to assume that I probably need your name as well as your address.
Tags: antioch, facebook, mail, travel

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