Hopita (hopita) wrote,

The Fruits of My Labor.

Just so y'all can see what a how much of a needle in a haystack this effort really was:

What I was looking for:

Where it was:

And, of course, that page was sandwiched inside a magazine that was bound with a half a dozen other magazines, and I flipped through at least five of those bound volumes.

For reference, he's what the 15 year old tattoo looks like nowadays:

The arm kitties were much easier to find: they're the border of an old picture frame:

(That's an old picture of queenama in there. I haven't had the heart to take it out, even though she hates me now)


And, for comparison's sake, the current state of the tattoo:

So that's the current State of the Tattoo situation. I'm finally prepared for the appointment that I should have been prepared for two days ago. Oh well. It's not like I haven't had a lot on my plate lately.
Tags: library, pictures, queenama, tattoos

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