Hopita (hopita) wrote,

September Photo Dump.

Well, I posted the tattoo photos earlier today -- now let's post everything else:

The duck pond on the last day the pools were open

These two ducks are in love. I know I've pointed them out before.

I arrived home one night and was immediately greeted by a loud "thunk" on the hood of my car. It was neighbor cat, coming to say hello.

Lynne on Rosh Hashana

Anne & David

Blurry Dad

My Allderdice graduation picture, among others. Yes, I was bald. :)

The apple cranberry thing that I helped my mother make. She said it never turned out so pretty, so she made sure I took a picture of it.

The basalt cat I brought home from Egypt in 1989. My Mother's been "borrowing" it ever since.


Vegan cake from Whole Foods

Detail from my parents' David Adickes painting

The potato flowers I planted out front of our building

When there's a Steelers game on TV, my neighbors drag a TV and folding chairs out to the sidewalk, so everyone can watch the game together. Ya gotta love Polish Hill.

My potato flowers again

Muchi in his famous cross-armed pose

A license plate I noticed outside The Co-op one day

The cops outside the pool for G20

I found this sign interesting -- the city is trying some new eco-friendly streetlights and is asking for feedback from residents. Unfortunately, as I stopped to take the picture, some yahoos in a truck decided I was a G20 protester and yelled something involving the word "bomb" at me. :(

The city preemptively removed all of the garbage cans on the South Side and replaced them with cardboard ones.

How is it that I'd never noticed this fountain in Regent Square before?

It's kind of hard to see but I just noticed it today: The first avocado pit that I planted has finally started sprouting!

And *that* is it.

Expect a million more pictures next week since I'm going back to Antioch. Who's coming with me?
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