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I'm home from services. They weren't bad, and the guy who I like gave the sermon. My Mom and Lynne came with me. It made me realize how often I would turn to aaronbenedict with my questions about Judaism and Jewish practice. All of these questions came into my mind -- about the Torah portion, about the Haftorah -- and it made me realize how much I actually liked our conversations about religion.

I've long considered myself more agnostic than atheistic -- I don't know for sure that there is no God, I just don't necessarily believe that there is. But whether there is or there isn't, I do consider myself to be a Cultural Jew, or a Secular Jew at the very least.

Long story short: going to services on High Holy Days makes me feel connected to history -- mostly my own, and my family's. Plus, I like the music. But it made me sad to know that aaronbenedict and I would not be having one of our lively religious discussions regarding this holiday or the ones immediately following.
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