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We buried Bob today. It was unbelievably horrible. I can still hear his mother's anguished sobs in my head.

After I got back to Pittsburgh I went to Quiet Storm for some food. Jordan and Peezy were there, and I got a chance to talk with each of them for a little while, which was especially good because with everything that's been going on, I kind of missed the fact that they're leaving town tomorrow, and will be gone for the entire month.

Jordan and I were talking about death, and accidents, and I was looking at his hands, at his face, and just thinking how incredibly fragile we all are. Watching him, and Peezy, and Eric, and thinking how any or all of them could be gone in an instant. Feeling thankful for having that moment to sit there with them.

I kissed them both on the head, and told them to drive carefully.

I feel like I'm just spouting a bunch of cliches.

And I've been smoking again today. Tomorrow is a new day - a new month, in fact - and I'll wrestle with some of my own demons then, but the catchphrase of the week has been "all bets are off."

Bob really was a very loving guy. I remember once we were having a fight and while I was sitting there yelling at him, he grabbed a post it note and an orange marker and wrote "I Love You" on it. I suspect at the time it probably made me angrier, but now it strikes me as just the quirky sort of thing that made him so wonderful.
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