Hopita (hopita) wrote,

A Bunny Story I Forgot.

When I wrote my previous post about Bunny, there was one of her famous stories that I forgot to share.

When Bunny was a little girl, she was kidnapped.

When she was very young, Bunny's family moved to Washington, DC. One day, Bunny was playing on the porch of her family's home and someone snatched her. She was returned home several hours later, unharmed, and without explanation.

No one knows for sure if the story is true (my mother has always had her doubts), but Bunny's son told the story at the funeral, so that makes it True Enough (AKA "Family Lore") for me.

The funeral was OK. It was hard for me to be in a Synagogue, but that's got to do with other stuff. I felt awkward and clueless and had no idea what to say or do, so I just clung to my Mom.
Tags: bunny, crime, dc, death, family, jew, links, mom, religion

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