Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Tattoo update.

I have a tattoo appointment.

Friday, September 25th (Fuck you G20!) at Tattoo Noir.

It's not for the mermaid. Yet. It's to get my kitties (armband and shoulder) touched up (aaronbenedict alerted me to the fact that my shoulderblade tattoo needed work several months ago. I can't see for myself, but the artist today concurred that my shoulderblade needs a touchup).

I'm doing it right before Antioch, since tattooing means no submersion in water for two weeks. I figure the odds of the Poole Pool (I always loved that name) being open are pretty slim, which means I'll only have to deal with the no swimming thing for one week when I get back.

As for the mermaid, I think the simplest way to explain it is that I'm afraid I'm wanting to get her for the wrong reasons. The artist I spoke with today (Mike -- everybody really is named Mike) has a love for doing old school style tattoos, so it seems like if I do decide to go with the mermaid, he's a good choice for the artist to do it. But I figure I should let him do my retouch work and see how I feel about that experience first.

Incidentally, it's been a while and I'm seriously out of practice: how much is the customary tip for tattoo work these days? Their shop minimum is $50 and he's quoted me $70 to retouch both. What do I tip on that?
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