Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Mid-Morning Update.

I talked to my Mom for a while. Some about aaronbenedict, some just about me, and her, and us, and life in general. I've considered myself lucky for a long time that I have a mother that I like so much. Everyone who knows her seems to like her too.

And in her am-I-a-psychologist-or-am-I-a-psychic spooky sorta way, she said she thought something was wrong and had been wrong for a month or so. She based this solely on the fact that aaronbenedict and I didn't have our next travel plans firmed up -- she said in the past, we'd always done that as soon as we'd said goodbye.

For the record, I'd talked to him about his last two trips, and he swears that it was circumstance and not intention that kept him from inviting me along.

Normally at this time I'd be heading for the pool, but, as luck would have it, this is the last week of outdoor pools -- the week when the pool schedule gets totally fucked and, bottom line, I can't go.

So instead I'll just chainsmoke. Yes, it's still just the herbal ones.

My Mom doesn't think I'll ever get married.

I'm scared to see Dan. I know he, like Sprout, like my Mom, was worried from the beginning that I was going to get hurt. Sprout once said that he and Dan were really happy for me -- that I'd been "glowing" was I believe the way he phrased it -- but that they were still concerned that aaronbenedict wouldn't leave his wife.

It's gonna be hard to talk to Dan. He's gonna say things I don't want to hear.
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