Hopita (hopita) wrote,

aaronbenedict's trip to Pittsburgh, Day 2

With unexpected free time, we visited Opie's grave, shopped for souvenirs in the Strip District, and took a drive up to scenic Mount Washington. Then we spent the evening sitting in the rain, watching (and, initially, waiting for) a Pirates game.

Making tofu omelets

Behold the beauty that is tofu omelets

Shopping for souvenirs in the Strip District

I got the most intensely Pittsburgh souvenir ever. It's an ashtray shaped like a bathtub that says "I had a tub of fun in Pittsburgh." Classy!

Scenic Mt. Washington

I love this picture of him

The statue of Willie Stargell at PNC Park. aaronbenedict and I both knew his kids when we were growing up.

Hiding under the decks, waiting out the rain

Clearing off the field and getting ready to play

The Pirate parrot

The Pirates' Pirate (of "catch yourself some meat" fame)

I was amused that at the end of the third inning, the Pirates side of the scoreboard read "420"

The end of The Great Pierogi Race

Raining again, but we don't care


Final score -- and we won!

aaronbenedict took pictures at the game as well. When he posts them, I'll put up a link.

OK, time to go to work!
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