Hopita (hopita) wrote,


I had a dream last night that unixd0rk and I were friends again.

The gist was that I saw him in a public place and was doing the usual avoidance thing when I saw him wave at me. I did a double take, waved back, and then went over to talk to him. It was pleasant and appropriately brief. We both apologized for past bad behavior, did the requisite few minutes of catching up, and then parted company.

It left me with an overwhelming sense of relief, and I was sorry to find it was purely a figment of my imagination when I woke.

In other news, please join me in extending the warmest of birthday wishes to vulgarweed, who is celebrating a milestone birthday today.

Please also join me in extending deepest sympathies to peatasaurus, who lost her mother ten days ago.

And finally, my own best wishes for a safe flight to aaronbenedict, who is somewhere over the midwest at this very moment.
Tags: aaronbenedict, apologies, birthdays, death, dreams, exes, peatasaurus, travel, unixd0rk, vulgarweed

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