Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Philadelphia, Day 2.

Let's see if I can keep this steady flow of progress moving. Day 2 includes swimming, another trip to Chinatown and a trip to Betsy Ross' house. Oh yea, and aaronbenedict in a ridiculous wig. :)

That rooftop pool I mentioned

While I was swimming, three guys were trying to fix one of the lights in the deep end. They assured me it was OK (and it was), but I was secretly nervous that I was going to be electrocuted.

I was amused by the stray Peanut Butter Puffin that found its way onto this nightstand

Antique tattoo equipment

Punk rock Barbie dolls in the window at Trocadero

"That's not a rabbit -- that's a BANANA!"

I am a slave to my iPhone.

Kingdom of Vegetarians

Scallion pancake and vegetable tempura

Mango "fish" and "chicken"

I liked being able to see The Benjamin Franklin Bridge off in the distance

I also really liked the jade green detail on this building

I love this picture. aaronbenedict and one of the Chinese guardian lions (or, more likely, Fu Dogs) outside of Shanghai Bazaar

I love this one too. :)

aaronbenedict was amused by this

The Arch Street dragons again

Benjamin Franklin bust

Random mezuzah sighting

Giant rhodedendron blossoms

Cat fountain at the Betsy Ross house

Me & the cats

The hotel

Sleepy boy. :)

And, as promised, silly wig pictures. :)

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