Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Travel Photos! Finally!!!

It took me all week, but I'm finally ready to get some Philly pictures posted. To wit:

Another hotel room with a recycling receptacle! Yaay!!!

Walking to Chinatown with aaronbenedict

Shoelace issues. :)

I loved this sign

Chinatown fire station

Our first glimpse Singapore Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant

Year-old decoration from the Year of the Rat

Maneki Neko

Vegetarian Roast Duck

aaronbenedict pretends to eat his ... uh ... vegetable lo mein? ETA: It was Asian Rice Noodles with Tofu

Orange slices, fresh fortune cookies (with spooky prophetic fortunes) and yummy little ... balls. And hot towels too!

I loved the juxtaposition of Chinese and Jewish artifacts

People planted trees in Israel for the owner, Peter Fong

I just liked the name "Pachi"

Kingdom of Vegetarians, another Kosher vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown


8th Street Music


Tattooed mannequin

Benjamin Franklin's grave

In the elevator

Getting ready for bed

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