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CCMA Pictures

I'm sitting snuggled in a hotel bed in Philadelphia right now, so of course I'll be posting pictures from Pittsburgh.

Yea, yea, yea. I've been busy.

One of the co-op quilts. They're made out of panels from old T-shirts and shopping totes, and they're awesome. They travel the country, from co-op to co-op; we've had two of them on display at The East End Food Co-op over the years. They auctioned one off at CCMA. If I'd had the scratch, I totally would've bid on it. Instead, I bid on (and won!) a tote bag from Sevananda, the very first co-op I ever went to.

For aaronbenedict

Another co-op quilt

The Frontier tea room. I got to keep some of these jars when she flew back to Iowa, including their organic lemon ginger tea, which is my new favorite thing.

Tour of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center

eric and the rest of the folks from this workshop

Scenic view of the North Side


Art in the lobby

You know how I love recycling

The man himself

I started this post at 8:35 am. Thanks to wifi that is TEH SUCK, at around 11:00 am I gave up all hope of ever getting anything uploaded and went upstairs for a swim (rooftop pool, yo). Now I'm back and the interwebs are finally co-operating, but at this point I'd much rather grab a shower and go roam the streets of Chinatown. Day two of CCMA later. Maybe.
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