Hopita (hopita) wrote,

lilostitch and n0thingman's picnic

Here are my pictures (and videos) from lilostitch and n0thingman's picnic. Even though I knew next to nobody I still managed to find people to talk to (thank you, n0thingman). And there were vegan cupcakes too!

OK, pictures:

Unfortunately, there were lots of balloons. It took me a minute, but gradually I calmed down about them.



Sharon and Alison

lilostitch and n0thingman

We saw "RECYCLE" written on the wall and wondered if that meant there was a recycling bin hiding over there. There wasn't, but we found one elsewhere, so it was all good. :)

Old pavillion regulations sign

Red velvet cake

Birds hanging out inside the wall

See the one up top, with its little beak sticking out through the opening?

Vegan cupcakes

Bee on my plate

Frisbee golf sign

We went to go play on the swings

... and climb on a fallen tree

The Vietnam Veterans Pavillion


lilostitch and n0thingman


That wacky sign again. I wonder what's covered under the red tape?

The cakes

"We Shall Overcome Hope." ORLY?

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