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DC Photos: Day 4

Thursday was pretty brief in terms of time spent together. aaronbenedict had an early flight back to New York because Shavuot started at Sundown. We mostly just woke up and said goodbye, and then I spent the rest of the day wandering DC alone. Here are the pictures:

Outside the hotel room. Somehow between here and the airplane, he managed to lose those sunglasses.

Checking out

A quasi-amusing ad for the hotel's restaurant

I liked this picture a lot, even though I was crying and sad

Getting into the car ...

... and watching him drive off into the sunset. Or sunrise, as it were.

...so I went for a swim

I had a sad little realization sitting here, typing, and facing the mirror. I realized that this is what it is -- my relationship. It's me, alone, with my laptop. That made me feel incredibly lonely.

The hotel

Sticky Fingers

Behold the beauty that is Sticky Fingers cupcakes

Himalayan Heritage Restaurant and Bar, where aaronbenedict and I had dinner Monday night (or rather I had dinner while he watched -- it's not Kosher and he'd already eaten).

I always really liked the name "Kalorama"

And speaking of names I find amusing ...

This one too :)

I love Tibet Shop. They've got great jewelry.

Political mural

Madam's Organ

Idle Time Books

Jyoti Restaurant, where I had lunch

Tibet Shop again

Club Heaven and Hell. I remember this place distinctly from when I lived in DC two decades ago. I'm stunned it still exists.

Why, yes, I did see a man taking his tortoise for a walk. Why do you ask?

... where I discovered that my house is for sale!


14th Street

Is it just me, or is Kathy Griffin starting to look like a drag queen?

The Black Cat, where aaronbenedict and I went on Tuesday night for Vegan Donut Movie Night. The movie was Dazed and Confused, which he'd never seen before. He seemed to love the soundtrack as much as I do.

Pulp, where I bought many cool Frida Kahlo postcards

The Scottish Rite Temple

Glut Food Co-op

I really liked Glut. It was the old school kind of co-op: wooden floors, wooden shelves, and lots of stuff in bins. It was like going back in time. Heckuva name, though.

The bulk herbs section

I passed a bus on the Beltway that had a vegan ad on the side of it. It stunned me -- in a good way. I guess it's just not the kind of thing you see in Pittsburgh. I'm glad it is the kind of thing you see in DC.

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