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DC Photos: Day 3

On Wednesday I was pretty much on my own; aaronbenedict was running an all-day training for work. I did a lot of walking -- mostly through my old stomping grounds of Georgetown and Dupont Circle. Here's what I saw:

Mmmm... Puffins

The Bean Counter. aaronbenedict was intrigued by the name, so I grabbed a picture for him.

Wisey's. I liked the name of this one. :)

Commander Salamander. Now we're talking about my old stomping grounds. The funny thing? They're doing this whole 80s retro thing, which means that the clothes they have there now are literally the same clothes that I bought there 20 years ago. Freaky!

I went there and bought the most awesome T-shirt ever (mine's blue though). bishopjoey, it made me think of you.

The old Georgetown Theater

Whale sticker on a lamppost. I later realized it was from the nearby Vineyard Vines.

For some reason the photo I took of my lunch didn't turn out, but this two second video that I accidentally shot turned out fine. Behold: Vegetarian Cashew "Chicken"!

I chose Harmony Cafe because the VegDC Guide raved about it. They were right. It was yummy and lovely and cheap. Check it out if you have the chance.

The Embassy of the Ukraine, AKA The Forrest - Marbury House.

Francis Scott Key Park

The Francis Scott Key Bridge

Virginia over yonder

View from the bridge


Rails-to-Trails sign

Riding the escalator at the Rosslyn Metro Station


Riding the Metro. I don't know why I find it so soothing, but I do. I actually went out of my way that day just so I could ride the Metro.

Changing trains at Metro Center

Riding the escalator at Dupont Circle Station

This sticker amused me

In the park, watching Noah Woods perform

Noah Woods performing in the park

The fountain

Me, in the park. This was always one of my favorite places to hang out when I lived in DC. I could sit here for hours.

Noah Woods sings "Spread the Love"

Fountain detail

Earlier I had gone to Lambda Rising and purchased the most excellent sunglasses ever. EVERYBODY looks fantastic in them. EVERYBODY!

If one of these doesn't become his new user pic, there is no justice in the universe.

OK -- time to go meet ratphooey, carolbethington, the little phooeys and my Mom for dinner!
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