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DC Photos: Day 2

Phew! OK. Bags are unpacked, laundry is in the dryer, and now let's see if I can get through some of my DC pictures:

aaronbenedict in a traditional pose

My feet

The view from our hotel room

I like this picture a lot

At Eli's Restaurant

Taken by the waitress with the giant boobs :) Also, just when, exactly did I start looking like "some girl ate Monica!"? Actually, I don't look like that -- I'm bigger. :(

The front door, which I found to be especially beautiful

I kind of love this picture too

It took a couple of loops around The Mall, but we finally found The Albert Einstein Memorial

I tried to rub his nose for luck, but I was too short to reach. aaronbenedict, however, had no trouble.

Sandals, yo!

The picture I came to DC to get: Me sitting on Einstein's lap

New user pic

The Washington Monument

Heading toward The Air and Space Museum

The Castle

The Hirshorn

OMG! A parking space!

aaronbenedict and large, phallic things

The Moon Landing

I loved this thing. It was an old arabic map of the constellations and it was gorgeous

These signs both amused and annoyed me. Amused because they said silly things, but annoyed because I don't want to have to make an effing phone call every six minutes just to find out what's going on in the exhibits.

I don't know why I found this amusing, but I did

He's actually saying the word "hoax"

Trying to hide a yawn

I love this picture

Another new user pic

aaronbenedict somehow misread "Sea Dye Marker" as "Cinco de Mayo." This left us wondering just what exactly would be inside a Cinco de Mayo survival kit.

This kind of horrified me. It was a can of Coke, specifically designed so the astronauts could drink it on board the Space Shuttle Challenger. Is this really the healthiest thing for astronauts to be ingesting in space? Was designing this thing the best use of anybody's resources? Egads.

A Tomahawk missile. How freaky is that?

I have no idea what's going on in this picture, but I just loved all the old rotary telephones

Is it just me, or do all of these planes kind of look like fish?

The Spirit of St. Louis

In the Aircraft Carrier room. We both really liked this exhibit.

I have no idea what this guy's shirt was about, but it amused me. (ETA: It's apparently a Piggly Wiggly thing)

I love these mannequins. It looks like they're stewardess robots.

Ellen Church, the world's first stewardess

The Hindenburg. A replica, obviously.

The penny machine that broke my heart. It cost $1.01 -- nearly twice what they usually cost. Long story short: I ran out of quarters and was only able to get *one* of these designs. I could have tried to get change, but there was a big line for cashiers and our meter was about to run out. :(


My very first photo taken with an iPhone (his, not mine, lest anyone get excited)

I love this one

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