Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Catharsis with a side of mood swings and onion rings

I've been on the verge (and sometimes past the brink) of tears all day. I had a dream about the storage room in Max Ringer's basement where Mike Lehotay and I once had sex back in 1988 or so. In the dream - and upon waking - I was struck by the question: what the fuck made me think of that? I haven't thought about that day in years ... So what is this a sign of? Will Mike Lehotay be reentering my life or my consciousness in some way? I can only hope not, although plenty of water has passed under the bridge in the past 16 years, to be sure. And why am I the sad girl again today? Peezy, Peezy, bright and breezy, how do your mood swings flow?
Tags: crying, dreams, max ringer, mike lehotay, peezy, sad, sex, youth cry

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