Hopita (hopita) wrote,

Finishing with the pictures.

And then just some random other pictures.

Groundhog in my neighbor's yard

The tag on the back of my Mother's blue dish

The blue dish. We never get to see it because my Dad constantly fills it with junk. Usually this design is hidden underneath hairbrushes and combs and bumper stickers and yo-yos ...

Inside the Grandfather's clock

The rubble after the Penn center implosion

Tino, snoozing

Bitsy comes to join him

Bluejay in my backyard

Close up

Muchi, being cute

Bitsy's POV

Bitsy's chin

The first picture of me that I can think of where I actually look as old as I am

Hello, I am still asleep

The Bloomfield Bridge as seen from Bigelow Boulevard
Tags: birds, bitsy, cats, dad, me, mom, muchi, pictures, pittsburgh, randomness, sleep, stuff, tino

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